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Its me
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Monday, February 02, 2015

How to worship GOD - lesson learnt from my father

One day i discussed with my father with a question

"Since i have to work for IT company, how its possible  for me to worship GOD?"

the question from me was because we get limited amount of time, attention to attire and follow lots of things to worship GOD.

Answer from my father was really excellent and i am proud to practice it for many years now and reaping fruits of it.

These were few points:
1. When you travel to office 25 x 2 = 50 KMS / day treat this as taking rounds in Temple and submit it to GOD as offering from your physical effort.

2. When you accomplish some things offer the accomplishments first to GOD and then to your peers, managers, super boss etc.
[ Notice each person whom you offer will revert with some thing noticeable and think how it will be from GOD offering ? ]

3. Think how can you make some one happy each day either not by pulling their food, success, work effort or playing bad game or politics.
[ Notice making some one happy is tough job and if you are doing it, that itself is great offering to GOD ]

4. When you are supposed to get bonus, hike, increment, promotion be patient enough and always feel that GOD will bless with some things which you can digest or utilize best.
[ Notice one thing who is your boss to give some thing to you? Can he give good peace of mind? can he give good health? Nothing so its GOD who will bless you always and you will get what you have to get always ].

5. Talk good things to peers and friends, put them in good habits or culture that itself is great offering to GOD
[ Notice : Bad culture is what making you happy these days instantly, by offering unlimited drinks, pizza, and many other junk stuffs but check your health report as well :) ]

6. Firmly believe and serve whoever is dependent on you with full dedication and happiness and by thinking that GOD has given opportunity to serve.
[ Notice even if you dont think like this you are supposed to serve them but if you go with this mind set you will be more happy and cultivate more happines in others too. Which one you think is good ? ]


Wednesday, October 29, 2014

How i am making my documents review easy these days - with Avalokana


I have now started using Avalokana Software which is from an Indian Startup which is very powerful to get my documents reviewed by any of my friends, experts these days.

This is cutting down my efforts and cost to 50% and i am really proud of the features and ease of use of this product.

You may want to visit as well :


Monday, July 14, 2014

A learning pattern - know about it

Hi Friends,

Since i am focused on learning new things along with the way of learning itself, i think i should share some things that helped me in my life.

As many say learning is an art. Yes thats really true.
When we were kids we all learned very fast and still we remember what we learned. But how about some things that we learned in Engineering ? We forgot ? Yes mostly.

Friends learning has following art.
You need to get some exposure as what is there to learn.

Engagement and experience
You will need to start building relationship with others, books, materials to get learning exposure felt and engaged constantly.

Now its time you need to start running when you learnt how to move your legs by step-1&2 

Stop & reconcile
Its time you pause for some time, recap what you did and how did you do it. Also, what it takes to get some thing done. Also, try to now remove every thing what you built and start building once again to see if you can build it again or not.

Friends, i dont explain it too much unless any pointed questions from you but will quote an example which is worth of 1000 words.

"When we were kids elders taught us to make aeroplane with paper, but we were not happy we removed paper many times and prepared aeroplane ourself and we did fast too. Also we took some time to use, play, create again and again and master it"

Do you see a learning art in this example ?


Friday, March 14, 2014

Management roles over architecture of products

Some time back i started analyzing how as a manager i need to work with Technical leads, Architects, individual contributors, program managers etc. Since learning is never ending still i have some point where i understood some things which i can share.

Manager with Architects

I dont want to drag my writing here to explain manager roles and architects roles. Rather just explain how they work with each other to be effective in products delivery. My approach to explain this is by using START DOING, STOP DOING, CONTINUE DOING type of method.

Start Doing ( For manager roles )

  1. Know the best ways to keep your focus and architects focus on the same goal of getting best design or architecture prepared for the product.
  2. Keep your direction of work and architects direction of work different as not to clash with each other but yet be focused on same goals or end results.
  3. Challenge architects to come out with multiple plans than straight away start accepting initially itself.
  4. Know your decision making places and be prepared to handle that.
  5. Socialize with multiple peers, architects from different groups not to get solution but get perspectives and capabilities of architects.
  6. Create a stake holder group who can work with you by getting into architecture mindset to help in handling architects proposals, arguments, approaches.
  7. Keep management goals clear with architects to get what you desire into products at very high level.
  8. Try to broaden scope of product at initial stage so that architects come from broader picture instead of starting with small picture and end up in patching up to meet high levels later.
  9. Many a times architects finds lots of tools, technology, frameworks, libraries available outside which any one who has awareness can suggest. Instead of straight away accepting these you should be capable of putting infront of them high level needs which can be satisfied by various things available off the shelf.
  10. Challenge architects to build frameworks than just bring some thing through Google search or by knowing from other teams. These off the shelf frameworks many a time does not solve the problem that you are trying in the product, rather you will end up in resourcing to solve problems in the frameworks and using them.
  11. Make sure that your architects understand the problems to solve rather than getting some things from off the shelf and going and presenting its ability etc.
  12. Also, understand architecture or job of architects is not to find a framework available outside to suggest and keep forcing team to use it. Rather they have to solve business problems by appropriate elements that constitute the product and suggest best available stuffs to re-use or make or buy.

Stop Doing ( For manager roles )

  1. Never keep decision making for every thing with architects as finally as manager you need to know why you are building product and how the product needs to be.
  2. Never single handed go for war with architects on technology stuffs. Rather you should be prepared with stake holders who will put forth the point infront of them which makes sense rather me or you kind of fight modes.
  3. You never involve too much in dictating which framework to use, where should be button placed, what should be color of application etc. Rather dictate at high level and keep getting those things done. How to get things done is what is your role here.
  4. No question comes for you making technical decision unless you are prepared to have end-to-end technical insight, risk taking, managing it through out implementation.
  5. Stop doing making decisions about color, text box, saying this is what users will love in our product etc. Rather challenge what best they can make and who says this is really good.
  6. Stop wasting your time in going hand in hand with architects on each things they do, rather keep checking and aligning them with what business end goals you have and how they are meeting them regularly.
  7. No question comes for you to decide and finalize or put stamp on User interface designs, interfaces, services model, database design unless you really have made lots of decisions as customer for various products being in these mindsets. Rather have a squad prepared who can help you in validating and giving inputs and take those inputs in right way to convey for further improvements.
  8. Stop being pleased with architects or leads who come and explain you some solution available outside the market saying we should use it. Do you really understand what they have analyzed in them ? Do you know have they put angle of product that you have visualized or your customers have visualized to say "Yes" to it ?
  9. Stop just promoting culture of "search in google and do some study and propose it" kind of mentality in the team or architects. Architects are not those people who simply keeps awareness about latest frameworks, libraries, tools and free stuffs available in web to bring to your project? Rather they should be capable of building their own frameworks which contains foundation blocks that are used in open source products or frameworks.
  10. Stop saying immediate "yes/great" to frameworks proposed which are off the shelf for your product. Rather keep your architectural foundation blocks explained to architects and now explain how its been satisfied by proposed ones.

Continue Doing ( For manager roles )

  1. Continue in managing risks.
  2. Continue your relationships build with various architects, leads, engineers outside.
  3. Keep doing socialization with peers or other product managers to know strength of their product and architecture fundamentals and ground rules used in them.
  4. Keep team challenged with do best than pulling their legs or working in their levels to put further unwanted compition.
  5. Continue to provide impression to your team that your vision, strategy, customer relationships, influence on stakeholders is much higher or stronger than them, so that they will not un necessarily play wrong roles.
  6. Each customer meeting needs to be coordinated, regulated and your team should be brought awareness about what should be accepted or not. For this keep doing good management processes and start bring every one into that process. Else customer will directly talk to architects, engineers, leads to convince his/her needs and make product moving in wrong direction or loose priority and contols.
Hope this is useful. Write me back as comments to this post if you have some more useful information/experience to be shared with world.


Wednesday, February 19, 2014

When we say we dont have enough proof for belief then dont we have a problem to solve

Most young minds today are more attracted towards things that are proven through science only or there is belief in other countries. At the same time they also have lots of questions as why to believe in our own philosophy and things that are told to be true or proven but not in science way.

But most importantly if you ask question to any young person today as why oursource of jobs happening to India ?

Ans1 : Lots of young talent who are willing to adopt to different things and work for others
Ans2 : Cost effectiveness

But when some one is branding us as talent why ourself we are not realizing our own talent which can yield lots of innovations ?

Ok let us say that we understood our own talent now, next question comes what we innovate? what we will learn to innovate ?

For these things only today every kid is forced to talk English and learn english. English is not a great language as you see most of the countries dont even learn english but are much ahead of India today.

If you think for some time and question as why some one said in the past in our own country that "God is energy" ? Did this make you to think or ask more question and work towards making it true ?

No we said that its foolishness to even think that there is existence of GOD !!! So further no questions comes. But we can believe in atom which most of us have not seem but science said it is there.

But taking lots of knowledge from us lots of things are today invented by other countries and they are selling back the solutions to us only and hence there is outflow of money and talent as well.

Dont you think you ancistors also were as intelligent as you and simply they cant accept each and every thing that is said ? ( else we would have not had many casts today !!! ).

My suggestion to young mind is that, give time innovate and file patents based on knowlege that is available within our history, society, culture and our granthas. Put in language that we want say Sanskrit then whole word will tell their kids to learn sanskrit. No wonder in it.

Young people need to understand presence of ourself and feel others to see our presence in the world.

So read, invent, patent and make things locally and make India a great country.

Last to conclude with an example of today young generation mindset:
"We belive and celebrate velentines day but we dont belive in Raksha Bandhana saying its foolishness to tie a tag to brother and make it as festival"

Tuesday, February 18, 2014

When people start building respect about you

"I am having an idea to start my own advertisement application"

The above statement is an example:
General human tendency makes every one to talk to their known people about what they are doing and how are they doing new things or regular jobs. 

This also will be having intention to clear off some doubts, seek some guidance and encouragement(unofficial).

How you react to this is what going to build your image and trust and respect for you.

Wondering how to behave now ?

Let me explain how some one usually reacts unless he knows what is his role.

1. Go and check this might be already available.
2. Do some thing better than this
3. What you will do with all these better focus on work at hand.
4. This will not work.
5. Do you know in and out of it ?
6. it needs lots of investments think more about it.

Most of the above words would make person to stop at these points rather keep moving or evolving.
You as well as the person who came to you know that things cannot be done in one day or short period of time. Every thing has to evolve and there has to be proper evolution plan. With these words neither you or person got any benefit and things may stop here itself.

Rather if you do like this:
1. Good to know that you have idea on current trends.
2. (if its already old trend then say) Good to know that you are renovating or creating some thing that exists probably to suite today trends or future trends !!! nice go ahead and explain.
3. I am really eager to understand how is your idea and how nice it does in the field.
4. Go ahead and start writing all information you get on this and meet me.
5. Hey!!! here is some connected information i got from news paper or from my old book, check if it can help you. ( HELPING HAND )
6. How is progress ? ( Curious to know how things are going on )
7. Dont drop in the middle even if its not worth do it with limited time and money investment.
8. Dont invest huge until you know how things are and how they get placed.
9. Connect with people who may further provide you insight into the market trends.
10. Here are some contact who were searching for some help in similar area, help them and build your network and see if they fund this project.

These type of words will always encourage and motivate person who has started some thing new( probably new to him and may not be new to the world or others ).

By doing this you are indirectly doing :
1. Streching your helping hands.
2. Gaining insight into some area where you cant invest time and free knowledge.
3. You are partnering with some one freely with out any investments it will return money or some thing else to you for sure.
4. You are bridging people connection which is more valuable.
5. You are participating in some thing where outcome can do better to society or industry.
6. You are solving one person problem by providing contacts to others and hence win-win situations.
7. finally when people are going to be successful or at least move forward they will remember your contributions.
8. This will build your credits for any future growths.

Thursday, October 24, 2013

Cut bad inspiration and improve good motivation - uplift society


Society is getting worst and worst every day from all angles. Really if we look at ourself we have downgraded our social living status in hurry and are unhappy at the end.

No doubt we have become rich and have lots of opportunities in front of us to be well being. But there are elements that are inspiring our generations to lead some things which does not suite the quality life.

Role of serials in TV:

Today most of the women at home are used to lots of serials. Most of the serials are inspiring women with bad thoughts and we can see that easily. Easy to learn skills for fooling around the family, escape from responsibilities, fight silently(cold war) with other women in or outside the family and take revenge, go to any extent to achieve things, self dignity, low tolerance, careless towards society and women kind, low quality dressing.

So over all is it entertaining, motivating, helping to build any quality society ?
In My opinion NO!!! NO!!! NO!!!

Role of Adds:

Today most of the adds are making use of women as marketing object. Put a poster with nudity it will catch eyes of public and sell a product. I dont think to advertise a bathroom fitting needs a women with out cloths taking bath and this picture hanging all our the places in big 10x10 feet banners ?

So overall are adds making any thing positive to society ?
In My opinion NO!!! NO!!! NO!!!

Like this movies, books, comics, cartoons, youtube ...

What is essential :

  1. We need to understand the impact of all these in downgrading society today.
  2. Be bold to produce one movie or serial where you show a family living happily, realistic, connected to each other, still grow the family to good extent.
  3. Write books that just not sell but will sell growth of society through it and yet make money.
  4. Dont show bad parts of the culture, cast or any thing that matter by enlarging it so that public get a wrong inspiration.
  5. Motivate with act, thoughts, movies, books, serials, advertisements to show case what is grand culture and healthy society.
Hope we can build tomorrow for India or World with this.